Chill Indya - Traditional bracelet making in Shekhawati [2/2]

In Khandela, a village in Shekhawati, this craftsman is producing traditional Rajasthani bracelets.

Chill Indya - Women collecting water in the desert

Nearby Jaisalmer, villagers have to go everyday in the early morning to collect water from wells. Mostly women perform this task everyday.

Chill Indya - Jugaad, Cradle in train

"Jugaad" is a hindi word reflecting the ingeniousity, the ability of people to manage a situation with limited resources. Here, you can see a mother creating a cradle in a train with her scarf and some blankets.

Chill Indya - Preparation of Poha, Indian traditional breakfast [3/3]

Alladin is one of the best cooks we know, and we convinced him to organize cooking classes for our groups in Jaisalmer.