With its millennial civilization and the multiple cultures that have influenced the country, India has a rich variety of crafts, still practiced with traditional methods. You can meet artisans and observe the way they work during our tours. But you can also go further and help us create business opportunities for all these people who are keeping this beautiful heritage alive.

Indian Crafts

There are a huge variety of crafts in India. We have developed expertise in providing assistance in the production process of some of these.

 Block-printing Block-printing
Leather craftLeather craft
 Miniature painting Miniature painting
 Kawad Kawad
 Blue Pottery Blue Pottery
 Bamboo craft Bamboo craft
 Weaving Weaving

Business Possibilities


We help you to find quality products and can be your local contact for follow-up of the production.

Corporate Social Responsibility

There are umpteen opportunities for corporates to take on corporate social responsibility projects in the handicrafts industry – for example, to procure traditional craft items as gifts or everyday use in your office, thereby providing work opportunities to these craftspeople.

Skill Up-Grading

If you are also working in the field of craft, and think you can learn from Indian artisans, Chill Indya can help you organize workshops, where cultural and technical exchange will hone up the skills on both sides.